What do the members think of Arizona Federal Credit Union? $6 million more in weasel fees for not listening to the members?

R Conder
April 16, 2013

Bull, They didn’t even notify me until April of the fees after they had already relieved me of 12 dollars
I did close my account and I was not the only customer doing so I had to wait in line behind two others. I won’t tell you how much I took out but I guarantee you some noticed and “we gone”.
I do not agree with you about banks and wall street and CUs not manipulating books, I stuck with these yahoos for a long time when they had a rating of ZERO, and they thanked me by charging a fee for the luxury of keeping and using my money. TKS but NO tks, bye bye AFCU.
Moved everything to a regional bank with a five star rating from Bauer.I feel sorry for all those who cannot just close an account and move on, glad I could help AFCU out and get out of the way.

Cheryl Frazier
April 15, 2013 at 4:20 pm
Credit unions are supposedly run for the benefit of members, and they traditionally have lower fees than banks. What a crock it is that Arizona is telling members than they are charging the fee for increased benefits, that is, increased benefits for employees, certainly not members. Who ever heard of having to pay three dollars month to have a credit union account. Members should rebel at this greedy attempt by management to feather their own nests.

Barry Bayuk
April 18, 2013 at 10:38 pm
For more than forty five years, I’ve been a member of a credit union comprised of area educators in which we from time to time elect from our membership a board of directors. I chose my credit union because it differed from banks. I liked the idea that I owned a member share in a local organization. I felt that my credit union did everything possible to look out for my interests, and I could easily call a board member in the event of any kind of dispute. As it was, over a duration of more than four decades, I never had a complaint about OUR credit union, but if I were to be informed that all of a sudden some high-handed managers wanted to start charging a monthly membership fee as is case with AFCU, creating a banking situation MORE EXPENSIVE than any bank with which I am familiar, I would start a fire storm of protest not only to remove these extravagant fees but to begin lopping heads of managers who propose to gouge the members of OUR credit union and teach these so-called managers that they work for US; WE are the owners. I exhort members of the AFCU to protest vehemently this outrageous coup by fat cat administrators who have apparently gotten too big to fit in their britches. Credit union are NOT banks. That is why they are such marvelous organizations. And, what complete rubbish it is to tell intelligent people that they are charging the fees to increase benefits to their members.

Priscilla Morataya
I don’t like that az fed is going to start charging member dues.
I agree with Beverly. If you want people to take advantage of those additional services perhaps you should give people a choice. If a member wants to use those services have them pay extra. And for those who use just the basics give them free checking without charging member dues. Increasing dividends doesn’t really mean all that much if your charging members for using Az fed. I am very unhappy about this as I’m sure most of your members as. There are reasons why we chose to bank with a credit union as opposed to a bank. Unfortunately az fed is becoming just like a bank as far as beginning to nickel and dime us.

Beverly Baughman
I am very unhappy! After 33 years of entrusting you with our savings, after settling for diddly squat in return, now you want to charge my husband and me $72.00 per year to store our funds??????? I think not! Why are you disenfranchising those who have been loyal to you?
Perhaps if you had made it more clear in your elections information that there was a difference in perspective between the candidates; ie who stood for the $3.00 monthly fee and those who, like many of us, did not believe this was the best direction for our credit union to take, we might have taken the time to vote.

Charles Bristow
I came to AzFCU to leave the TooBigToFail(Care) Banks,
After the Auto-OptIn IdProtect,
Now Membership Dues,
AzFCU has moved away from the Local Service institution, by adding more and more unwanted, costly perks.
I’ll be looking into the many other Local Service level institutions and will be considering moving to another…

Sam Shuman
Not liking the $3 monthly fee they’re charging now

Lin Monas
Not happy about the fee youre going to charge whats the point of giving us money
No matter how you justify the math, you’re still taking my money…

Matt Mitchem
Your new monthly fee program stinks! I’ve been a member since 1992 and the CU seems to have done just fine over the last two decades without skimming $3 a month from every account. No thanks!

Daniel Duckworth
I am also looking for a new Credit Union after reading that letter. I stayed after closing the location I used but only because there were no fees. You think because almost every other bank charges also there are no options. The day that happens I will buy a safe and keep my money there. but there are other online options to not pay fees. thanks for nothing

Charles Bristow
how’s about reducing interest rates and costs of services which would directly benefit members at the time of using the benefit,
instead of dispersing OVERCHARGED COLLECTIONS via whatever ‘formula’ is/was used for PLUs…
Too late for me…
Good luck with the new business model…
first IdProtect shenanigans…
Then Purchase Rewards gimmicks…
The AzFCU business model is now just too complex…

Kate Claffie
unfortunately December is the one month I try and use cash and not my credit card (only used it 6 times or so). Because of this, I didn’t get the PLUS even though I use my card between 15-20 times most other months. Why base this “reward” on a month when people are trying to watch how much they spend and not look at the aggregate? And why only use a partial month to do so? In fact, with the fiscal cliff concerns, why hold the PLUS hostage based on the use of accounts? I just can’t believe that AZFCU can’t run stats on accounts and provide this PLUS based on more than just a partial month usage especially considering many of us didn’t get the notice until well into December. One more reason to look to move my accounts to a credit union that is what AZFCU was.

Nancy White
We closed all but a time deposit account in December and became “not one of US” which is basically a limbo status that leaves the time account earning interest until maturity but allows no activity. I was a member for over 25 years and left deposits in AZFCU even though they paid even less than banks trying to support the CU. It became obvious that was not appreciated when they told us they were not going to base the payout on deposits but instead on people who made money for the CU by having a loan or using debit and credit cards, and thay have too many assets to debits so depositors are costing them money, REALLY? Have they looked at the miniscual interst rates. First, the asset to debit ratio is high because of the huge amounts of loans they have written off, and secondly, the asset total will plummet as they continue to insult the depositors’ intelligence. I think the term “not one of us” was supposed to make me feel bad that I was not part of the team, but at this point I would be embarrassed to be part of the team that came up with the current business plan. It will be interesting to see how long it is before they have no money to lend due to a low asset to debit ratio.

Mary Cooper
I already closed my accounts this morning! Not one of the 3 people in your Glendale branch tried to keep my banking with AZFCU! So, goodbye and I’m even happier to say, I still have free checking and savings through another credit union. Even though they have a similar PLUS program in place, they made it to where the members get to choose if they pay a monthly fee or not! They listened to their members and it actually works for them and their members.

Deron Lee Steenberg
I have already taken all of my money away from AFCU. Closed my checking account. I continue to keep the $25 required savings account in order to keep my AFCU Visa Platinum card open. I am trying to get a straight answer as to how my credit score would be impacted/affected should I close that as well. I’ve been a member for 21 years. The customer service has gone from excellent to beyond terrible. They have already lost 45,000 members. If they lose 160000 more, who will be left to bleed $3 per month from?????

Marcos A. Gutierrez
That’s the last straw with you guys. As soon as I get my paycheck tomorrow I’m switching banks.

Johnny Djsire Benavidez
Looks like I and Maria will be closing all our accts with Arizona Credit Union. 18yrs with them and they only get worse.

Laure Altenes
Here’s $12.00 but were going to start charging you $3.00 a month which amounts to $36.00 a year so really your members are paying you. To many choices out there with other credit unions and banks for that matter that as long as you have direct deposit of at least $250 a month will not charge you. Bye bye AZFCU!!!!

John Abbey
Lost my business. No different than a bank now by charging fees. This credit union has gone down hill for a long time now.

Jacque Torbyn Reeves
Losing my business too! Personally the credit union responses in an attempt to justify the fee have only made me more confident moving my money is the way to go! It is sad as I have also been with AZFCU over 20 years!

Christina Koehn
Why should I pay $3 a month for AZ Fed. to use my money?? I don’t use any services other than checking & savings. A bank waives any fees with min. balance. I am definitely moving my money. And I know several others who will do the same.

John Abbey
I have been with them for about ten years, but AZFCU is no longer competitive. How are you different than a bank again? Oh yes, my bank does not charge me monthly fees!

Chanel Wheeler
Any credit union that charges a monthly fee is equivalent to a bank in my mind. I’ll soon be switching to a credit union that’s not a bank equivalent.

Gregg Poe
I have been with AZFCU for 8 years. My accounts will be canceled within a few days. FYI; if you have a credit card through AZFCU and want to keep it, you MUST have a saving account or checking account in order to keep it. So now I have to lose a credit card and my good credit score because they can’t come up with a better idea to make millions from it’s users.

Derek Sigurdson
Arizona Federal – I’ve been a loyal customer since 2003 and sadly will be leaving you by the end of the month due to a recent letter I received in the mail about starting account fees. Chase will take my money and not charge me to keep it with them. Imagine that… seems like a good deal. I’m very disappointed.

Sandra Miller
I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that feels like I shouldn’t be paying to let AZFCU use my money! I’ve been a customer since 2001 and I too will be finding someplace else to do business. I was very upset when I read the letter I was going to start being charged to do business with them. I sent an email to them and the response I got was about people paying for a membership to shop at Costco and Sam’s Club. When I wrote them back and told
that was a choice people make and I didn’t see the connection, they said they were sorry I felt that way and too bad I felt the need to take my business elsewhere. Customer service with AZFCU…out the window and a thing of the past! I have a car loan with them along with checking/savings accounts and they just don’t care they are loosing my business! What’s up with that?? I hope other peole start doing the same thing.

Laure Altenes
ANYONE can be a “member” at AZFCU, I for one and from what I am reading am not the only one who will be taking my business elsewhere. You are not providing anything that can not be received elsewhere!!! Really $3.00 a month for what????? AZ Central will waive their fees if you have direct deposit of at least $250 a month or if you make at least 10 signature based purchases a month, plus they have a rewards program. AZFCU is turning into the money hungry big banks.

Johnny Djsire Benavidez
Looks like I and Maria will be closing all our accts with Arizona Credit Union. 18yrs with them and they only get worse.

Mark Schoenberger
I do not know who you use for your credit monitoring service, but your service failed to notify me of a new credit account created using my name and SS. I was notified by the other credit monitoring service I subscribe to, though within two hours by a phone call.
How come I never received a code to log into the IDProtect web site?

murisana – Saturday, April 27, 2013 – 11:50 AM

Previously I wrote a review stating Arizona Federal was a good partner. Since the introduction of their “membership fee” I have ended my relationship. Feeling betrayed, I want to say that I refuse to pay to belong. This isn’t a country club, it’s a financial services organization.

Jan 11, 2013 12:27AM

A Credit Union in AZ just started a $3 month charge just for being one of “us” as they put it.
Can’t even get around it with a min. balance or using the debit card X X times a month.
They also have 4 and 5 yr CDS with a 720 day Early Wthdrwl. Penalty! YES almost 2 years penalty, not the average 6 month penalty.
2 yrs ago someone said you’ll get a negative interest rate on your money. With fees and almost 0 interest they were…..bottom line right

Jan 11, 2013 1:32PM
I wouldn’t be one of “them” very long.

Jan 11, 2013 4:30PM

My Credit Union in Arizona is unique, just for being a member they charge $3 a month starting Jan 1, 2013.
We are “Working together in Troubled Times”.
I just wanted a no fee checking account with zero interest. I guess we wont be able to work together anymore.
Read Arizona Federal Credit Unions website. azfcu.org
It’s sickening. They mention they have a lot of money in reserves which makes it worse. The new fee schedule is scary. I hope it’s not the future of Credit Unions.

Anonymous – Tuesday, April 2, 2013 – 2:58 PM
I had a 5% 5 year CD from them that just expired a couple of months ago… they asked me what I wanted to do with the money, I asked them how much do you pay on a 1 year CD… they told me .10%…. I said to them, close my membership. I figured any bank or credit union that offers me a rate like that isn’t worth”you know what”

me1004 – Wednesday, April 3, 2013 – 9:32 AM
So, let’s say you bought a 5-year CD from them this past December. Next thing you know, they start a monthly fee for membership? So now you are stuck paying that for the next five years?! The amount involved here might not be as much as changing the early withdrawal penalty in mid-CD, but otherwise I don’t see any difference — you’re still locked into a loss for which you never contracted. They’re still locking you in, and then changing your fees at your loss.


Arizona Federal credit union employees Manny and Bob are very rude and nasty. Bob called my home a month back in regards to my mom’s account and questioned me about her doings.

I am not on the account he basicly told me stuff about her account, He broke laws there. She is in mt. rite now and has been off an on due to personal reasons, she leaves her car at my house.

She gives me cash to make the payments I then drop off a check at the credit union. Manny called an implyed that the account was open in fraud by me.

I asked how can he say that, he just continued to say that it s fraud he has reasons to beleive its fraud. Manny has the higher then thou attitude and is extreamly rude the minute he gets on the phone.

He seems to get off on being in charge. When bob called my home i asked several questions he did not answer I also reported the credit union to the bbb.

I think all this is that I made someone mad and now they are trying to flex their muscle. I the account was open by my mom and my mom pays for it.

Manny is wanting my mom to come into the credit union to take care of her account. So hes expecting her to jump on a plane and come to the credit union, who is paying for it??

Don’t do business with the Arizona Federal Credit Union, if you have a personal problem with someone in the credit union they will try what ever they can to get back at you, including what they just done to my mom.

Sad thing she has never done anything to the credit union, she has called and talked to reps there and she is very nice. Manny just needed a ego boost so she figured he would pick on my mom….

mesa, Arizona

It sucks they even make u give them a star. They have horrible customer service, they would rather suggest you go to check cashing place than cash their own bank check . How do you see a customer walking to the door and lock the door quickly …even if it wasn’t written in bank protocol it’s common sense you see somebody walking to a door you open it . This is not a 1 time occurrence with them, on several occasion it has happened to me, but I am even more shocked as to the number of times I have seen it done to others . I called other arizona federals to ask them what their policy is ,and they said don’t have 1, but as a rule of thumb they usually wait about 10 or 15 minutes after closing time to insure stragglers that may have hit an obstacle are still able to get their banking done . Now that is professionalism . So to the arizona federal team on cave creek …don’t give yourself a pat on the back or round of applause . From the bottom of my heart YOU SUCK! .


I have been a “member” since 1973 and over the past 6-7 years the AZFCU has been TERRIBLE. ALSO answer your phones…Sick and tired of being on hold for 15-25 minutes EVERY-TIME

Member service sucks- Ask any member who waits on the phone or in a branch for 20+ minutes which is the norm these days and no one is addressing the true issue which is a lack of competent staff

They closed my branch about a year ago now I have to travel twice as far when I have to go to a branch, I would switch to Desert Schools but they don’t have anything close either. They only have one branch in far East Mesa and it’s a nightmare when I have to go there.

Satheesh S.
Peoria AZ
I had my auto loan here. Interest rates are high compared to other credit unions in the area. The staff are nice and customer service is okay. When I paid off my loan , they took 20 business days to send my title. If I wanted to get it within a week, I was asked to pay a fee of $35. How come they forget that this is a non profit organization and rip off good customers like me. They need to learn to run this organization to serve the members in a reasonable way. As of I know, no other credit union does this. I recommend Arizona State Credit Union instead.

Amy M.
Phoenix AZ
Assume when you speak with someone that they are giving you wrong information, not factual information or are flat out unwilling to help find out factual information. Write down who you spoke with the date and time on every transaction. I have been a customer for over 20 year with this bank. After a refinance and a pay off on a second mortgage I spoke with a customer service representative that said our line of credit was not closed, only paid off. I asked are you sure? She said yes. This was good news. I transferred money into my personal account separate from my husbands account (we have separate accounts) he is the one who signed the pay off with Chase and gave permission to pay off Arizona Federal. I did not sign that paperwork. After thinking I was still able to use my line of credit, I paid off all outstanding credit cards and other property taxes. I drew $6,000 on a $70,000 line of credit. Without permission and or notification they took all funds from both my saving and checking leaving me with a -3 balance. They did say they were sorry. Sorry does not pay my mortgage payment. Bottom line they were not authorized by me, to take funds from my an account, on a line of credit that they failed to close and freeze, that I was told was still open. You do not expect your bank to steal from you. At the very least I should have been informed of their error, before they left me with a negative 3 dollar balance. I have an 820 credit score, have had two auto loans, two lines of credit and never have been late even one day. They simply do not care.

Sarah B.
Scottsdale AZ
They now charge a monthly membership fee. Goodbye AFCU and hello Desert Schools!

Alba R.
Scottsdale AZ
that’s it, i am going to take my money out and shut down my account with these crooks asap. i have had it with azfcu!

do not do business with this c.u., they are thieves, who offer appalling customer service.

they will charge you a buck behind your back whenever they can.

Robert T.
Surprise AZ
Every experience is going to be different based of the person’s mood that day or your definition of what you expect during a transaction. Arizona Federal is charging a membership “due” for $3 per month for access to all these amazing services that we were already receiving! Don’t get fooled, the fee is to earn money. You are getting any expertise by talking to the employees, you can do all the work yourself on the internet. If you have to wait in line, too bad as the Branch Director does not care as because they want to only use electronic options. They wasted a bunch of our money changing the Ahwatukee branch that no one uses. Poor training, poor execution. The culture of Arizona Federal is gone to downhill. of course you will still get some great employees that are smart, willing to help, but can only do so much like any other company. Unless it is a Credit Union mistake, don’t expect to get what you want as they have become money hungry and if you notice they like to called Arizona Federal. It is not a mistery why they dropped the Credit Union part from the name, because they know they should be called Arizona Federal Bank!

Malissa P.
Chandler AZ
The customer service at the drive thru really is poor. I frequently go to this branch because it’s the closest to my home, I go at least once a week. I’ve only been greeted and been told to have a great day once since May 2012 (when I started going to this branch). Today when I informed the teller that I was given someone else’s receipt she didn’t even say thank you or apologize for the mistake. Unfortunately, this is the only branch in my area so I have to ignore the poor drive thru service or tryout the inside service which is an inconvenience for me because I usually have my 1 year old son with me.

Drew A.
Mesa AZ
I have been with the Arizona federal credit union since 1998 when I moved here. I will be closing my account because of the nickle and dime fees that other banks were famous for having. Loyalty goes both ways.. and if Arizona federal credit union is going to treat me as a number… there is no point in staying. I am more than a number.

Effective January 2013 – they are charging membership dues in order to make us customers feel more a part of the cooperative. Crazy and unnecessary. I’m closing my accounts after 30 years

Scott S.
Mesa AZ
Don’t do business at this unethical business. My $25 savings account from 2009 was recently stolen from $5 a month for “account inactivity” fees. They are a bunch of crooks.

It appears you now need to nickle and dime your customers with BS fees in order to stay in business.

Account closed.

Jen R.
Phoenix AZ
Called about charges on my account that I did not authorize and after a long conversation with “Mike” where I was repeatedly told that I was wrong and he refused to do any thing but charge me additional fees, I was hung up on, Yes, hung up on. I did not swear, but did sound angry (and why shouldn’t I be when they hand out my money and then want to charge me to correct it?!? )

I went to their Facebook page to express my disappointment, a post that was removed and then I was blocked so I could not repost, so that other unfortunate suckers will not see how truly terrible their customer service is and will continue to be treated like crap by this terrible institution. I have yet to be contacted by anyone about being hung up on, not even by email which I sent nearly 14 hours ago……

Well guess what scum bags – you cannot delete this. Enjoy your increasing number of complaints and decreasing amounts of money, you know, that stuff you need to stay in business…

sincerely, someone who is sick of your long branch lines, hidden fees, and constantly crashing web site.

Buh – there is one star because “no stars” is not an option.

MaryLou D.
San Diego, CA
This is the second branch of this bank I’ve tried to go to (to help my Daughter cash a check) that has turned out to be out of business. I’m tired of wild goose chases.

Jim C.
Peoria AZ
As soon as we open an account elsewhere wer are going to close our accounts with Arizona Federal.

Twice now in the last 2 weeks I have gone into the branch at 55th Ave and Bell and the wait is rediculious.

Today, again, no less than 14 people in line inside, 8 cars in the drive up and 2 tellers working. 1 in the drive up and one on the main counter. 2 others standing around smiling at people.
Worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

Daniel G.
Phoenix AZ
Recently opened an account with AZ Fed CU after banking with Comerica Bank for years. Decided that feeding the “Banksters” on Wall Street with my cash was no longer a good idea. Banking with AZ Federal Credit Union is easy – personable personal service bankers, nice friendly tellers, and constant offers from people in the 19th Avenue branch to help members. I can highly recommend as everything has gone smoothly with the transition from “banksters” to local Credit Union.

Chris C.
Phoenix AZ
If I could give it no stars I would. No service, not friendly. I would recomend to stay far far away.

Jodi J.
Phoenix AZ
I have been a member here for 15 years. I have always been disappointed with the locations, they are just not convenient for me.However, I have always been a happy cusotmer. A few weeks ago I had to make a deposit and cash a check. I went to this location and I had never had a bad experience before. I went through the drive-thru and it was about 5-10 minutes before they closed. I placed the checks in the tube with my license. The women seemed annoyed because one check needed an additional signature. I did as she asked and passed it back to her. Then she said she needed a signature for the cash and she sent everything back through the tube. I asked if there was anything else and she said no, so I drove off and went about my business. Later that evening I discovered the women had kept my license. Given we were going out for New Years, I probably needed that! So the next morning we went down to the branch, we were about 20 minutes before they opened. I noticed workers in the windows and went to the door and docked. There were 4 employees, they all ingnored me. I did finally get one person’s attention and when I did I jestured and yelled through the doors that I needed to get my license. He seemed to acknowledge me; but I didn’t get a response. So I went back to the car and I got a piece of paper to write the employees a note. When I returned to the door and held it up, the man that looked at me with a blank stare had my license and made a ‘one minute’ hand gesture. He came over and slipped it through the crack of the door, he wouldn’t even open the door or speak to me.

I was highly annoyed, someone could have come to the door and acknowledged me and said they would get the license, but instead they were very rude. I made a trip way out of my way to get something that wasn’t returned to me, and an honest mistake I am sure; but at the same time, I am very disappointed in the employees behavior.

Barbara v.
Glendale AZ
If your tired of being treated as an account number at your bank, you’ll love Arizona Federal Credit Union. The employees are friendly and helpful, and the President is responsive.

Edward R.
Tucson AZ
Avoid this Credit Union at all costs. They lost eight of my car payments and without ever contacting me, tried to repossess my car. My wife paid the payments every month in the Tucson bank branch. They weren’t mailed in. They were hand delivered and paid to one of their bank tellers. When I called them to find out what the heck was going on, they refused to talk to me and sent me to their attorney. Their attorney said I had missed eight payments in 2008, which was 100% wrong as I have never missed a single payment. I provided proof of all payments via cancelled check and my bank statements showing the payments coming out of my other bank account. They refused to take those as proof I paid because my bank statements didn’t show them what their tellers did with my money. So I have been paying my payments to their attorney. I have found an attorney and will be suing them for this mess. They have destroyed my credit by putting a giant charge off on it. My score dropped 100 points after they put the charge off on it. Pick a different bank.

Phoenix AZ
Horrible Bank – Stay away.
I’ve been with Arizona Federal for 10 years and they now started charging me $5 a month because I don’t have enough activity in my savings accout. Isn’t a savings account meant to sit and earn interest, not to have constant transactions going in and out. So unless you consistantly give them more of your money they will charge you fees until you close your account. What a terrible way to do business.

Christopher G.
Seattle, WA
A couple Saturdays ago, went with my mom to get my name added to her accounts should the unthinkable happen. We first went to Chase which took all of ten minutes. The personal banker was great – in-out-done. Then we headed to her Credit Union at approximately 10:00 AM. They were quite busy, apparently. When we checked in, I heard grumbling from other customers and asked the wait time. I was told there were two people ahead of us in line and it “shouldn’t be long.”

30 minutes later, my mom went to ask how much longer it would take. Jennfer, who was manning the reception desk, dismissed her rudely in front of a lobby of customers. My mom is as sweet as tea in Tennesee, so to hear her called out in front of a lobby of people as a disruption was upsetting. 45 minutes later, I went up to ask if it would be much longer. Jennifer said curtly, “We’re busy.” Apparently, on Saturdays, they’re busy and one should avoid transacting business there on the weekend. I don’t recall being spoken to so rudely at even a fast food restaurant in recent years…

Another ten minutes or so went by (as did my deadline to make another appointment I had made), I was told it would be “two more minutes”, as I had to go through their background check to be a member. They were having a difficult time with my Washington Driver License and the weird characters it has (an asterisk in part of the number). After all was said and done, over an hour later, I was approved to be a member and was successfully put as a signer on my mom’s account.

I asked for Jennifer’s card, as I told her I was not happy with the way she had spoken to me or my mother, and I intended to speak with her manager. To that I received a reply she did not have one. The woman sitting next to her informed me she was the assistant manager and that they were busy on Saturdays. My biggest beef was this: If it was going to be an hour to speak with someone, tell me. I can make other arrangements or come in during the week. Being told first, “It shouldn’t be long,” and then, “We’re busy” is not an excuse. If the business is so overwhelming on Saturdays, perhaps it would be wise to staff more people, extend the hours, or inform people of the wait they’re likely to experience because of the queue. Or don’t open on Saturdays!

As a 20 year veteran of the service industry, I am very disappointed at the level of service Arizona Federal Credit Union provided my mom and me, but also all the other people I watched be dismissed like the Credit Union was doing them a favor. After doing some searching for a new home for mom’s money, she can get a much better rate at a (four letter word forthcoming) BANK!

I’m normally a big fan of member-owned institutions, but based on the incredibly rude serviced I received from Arizona Federal Credit Union, I’d say go to a Credit Union or Bank where the employees actually read the mission statement that is painted on the wall behind them.

Ryan F.
Surprise AZ
I wish I could give negative stars.

I’ve been with this bank for 20 years, and this means nothing to them. In the 20 years I’ve been with them they have done endless crap to me like auto-enrolling me in programs I don’t want the latest of which caused over $300 in fees on my account. After calling them, they put me on hold for a while to “review my account” (which obviously means to see if I am important enough to them to refund the fees). Apparently I am not. After holding I was told they won’t refund them (again these are fees from a program I never signed up for). Insulting. This is what they continue to do to me after being with them for 20 years.

I’m out. I can’t take it anymore.

Vern G.
11/13/2010 29
This business makes me wish I could give negative stars.

Here’s the deal;
at the COB on 10-29, I had $12.52 in my account. For no discernible reason, they deducted an NSF fee from my account. Despite still being in the black.

The morning of 10-30, the Denny’s transaction from the prior day, for $11, clears my account.

Because my account is overdrawn.

Because of the NSF fee from the previous night.

When I call the bank, they explain that the Denny’s transaction had already put a “Hold” on my account, and that there was another transaction still pending, which, when combined with the Denny’s transaction, but me in the red.
And that, since I was already in the red, from the hold, and the pending, when the Denny’s transaction actually cleared my account, because I had overdraft “protection”(1), they paid it, but I was already overdrawn, so they had to charge me an NSF fee.

I was on the verge of my head exploding.

I have withdrawn almost every dime from this institution (still have transactions pending) and will never work with them again.

Fuck this place. They will literally rob you.

Eva V.
Tempe AZ
i have had no problems with this credit union until today. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get through on the phone and I am going to have to take time off work to go to one of the branches to take care of a problem I am having. If I could get through by phone it could easily, hopefully be solved that way. I am totally angry with them now!

john a.
Chandler AZ
They have a guarantee that if you find a mtg. offer better than theirs, they’ll give you $500. I found a better offer, & they had me jumping through hoops for weeks to get the $500. I never did–they LIED.

Bob J.
Orick, CA
AFCU is going out of business per Ron Westad the CEO. They already closed 3 branches with more closing to come. Ron Westad had no prior CEO experience and has driven this company out of business. He should be FIRED!!!

Seeing a unexplained charge to a checking account, for a service that was never ordered can be streesful.
I decided to contact the credit union to find out how this could be, Please see the response:

Thank you for your inquiry. We do understand your concerns regarding our decision to implement a product that requires our membership to cancel the service as opposed to electing the service. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, it is our responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of our membership as a whole. While we do understand that this decision may not be best for certain members, we are confident this decision is in the best interest of our general membership for a variety of reasons.

She goes on to say that it is the responsibilty of the account holder to cancel this service.


Arizona Federal Credit Union AZFCU Deceptive Business Practices, Hidden FEES, CHEATING CUSTOMERS, BAIT n SWTICH, ILLEGAL FUNDS REMOVAL Phoenix, Arizona

AZFCU aka Arizona FEderal CRedit Union 2013-CHEATING FREE ACCOUNT HOLDERS out of $3.00 monthly fee for a FREE account. They claim they mailed every accountholder hard copies of the change in fees starting in 2013, but they can not proove this. Their response is ‘they are not responsible for the postal service’, they also did NOT notify account holders via email. Maybe they forgot why they have so many account in the first place…and why these rude employees and managers have their job in the first place. They have committed outright FRAUD stealing/deducting fees from longtime account holders without their consent or authorization. They reuse to return the fees, and would rather have their account holders close their account than do the proper and honest thing which is to return the funds in which they have illegally stolen. There are several financial institutions that still provide true free checking and savings accounts, AZFCU USED to be one of them. They are now in line with the rest of the crooks and banksters perfroming fraud on their own customers and then conducting damage control after…..its all a numbers game folks. T



Arizona Federal Credit Union Watchout will steal your money

Company charges fees without notifying the consumer of changes. Had a long term savings account with the Arizona Federal Credit Union. The CU changed the policy to start charging fees for an account they decided to be inactive. This was a Savings account I set up before I went into the service, so we deposited the money and left it alone.

I never recieved notice of the changes or a statement hardcopy or softcopy. It never was thought to be an issue, again as it was intended to be a deposit and leave it alone type of savings account. That was one of my stipulations before I set it up, as I new I would be deployed and travel.

Arizona Federal Credit Union successfully drained the account. Employee number 2605 (alleged supervisor) was very dismissive, rude, and did not care about keeping a customer. Employee 2659 was at least more professional, but basicly stated the same thing, since I didn’t catch them stealing my money at the beginning they won’t refund it and it is not their problem. It is amazing Arizona Federal Credit Union has more ways to take your money from you than most main stream banks. The bank wants your money so they can use it and make more money for themselves, but now you get charged for even when you leave it with them and don’t mess with it.

Arizona Federal Credit Union They were mean-spirited, unhelpful, unsympathetic. Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Federal Credit Union Arizona Federal Credit Union is a ripoff Phoenix, Arizona
Do not bank with Arizona Federal Credit Union. First off the Cu online bill-pay sucks it doesn’t agree with other financial institutions. They have the worst over the phone support ever and love to hit you with late fees like crazy. I strongly suggest not banking with AFCU.’

Underwriter (Former Employee), Phoenix, AZ – October 2, 2012
Underwrote all loans for MTG depat. Big turnover in Management and employees not quite sure of department they were just developing it.

“They are dieing a slow death”
d d., Thursday, December 23, 2010
They are more apt to discharge your loans than work with you now days. They must get a commision for the charge offs.

Going Downhill
Written: Feb 03 ’11
User Rating: Disappointing
Terrible customer service.
The Bottom Line: Not recommended.
This place has become like a bank. There is no logical thinking on the part of anybody in the building. I came in with what is apparently a third party check, instead of saying “we no longer cash third party checks” they told me me I needed the signature of the “and/or” recipient (it was a rental deposit check). Then I went to Chase bank, who were awesome and cashed it for me dropping the five dollar non-customer fee, and went back with the cash. My teller received a call from one of the managers asking what I was depositing. I was completely insulted. A call to the customer service resulted in me being told nothing of consequence.
I have been a customer for 5+ years, and they couldn’t just deposit the check with a hold on it like they did the year before???

This is one of several incidents with AZFCU. I’m going to check out the branch at Chase where they were nice and the manager gave me his card and was interested in me as a person. It might turn out bad, but I’d be willing to gamble if this is the way a non-profit credit union treats me.

Worst Bank Ever!!!!!
Everything about them is a con. They still your money. Deny you any help what so ever. Customer service sucks! If my car loan wasn’t there I wouldn’t have an account. It makes me sick to give them another penny of my money.

Banks screw with us because they can. Its a market failure. The public thinks they don’t have a choice but to deal with a bank. Well we do. Credit Unions. Their still insured, and they’re more competitive. Find one, and force banks to start dealing with the other side of the free market.

Arizona Federal does not care about customers
Jan 25 ’11
Cons:Poor Customer service, communication,Few locations
The Bottom Line: Stay away from Arizona Federal Credit Union. You are not a customer but a number.

Horrible Customer Service
Stay away from Arizona Federal. They told us they would work with us on our home mortgage, and everything they told us were lies. Employees, including the president and one of the vice presidents, were rude, disrespectful and dishonest. They are greedy and couldn’t care less about their customers. Do not do business with this credit union if you want to be treated fairly.

Hidden fees
This credit union signed some agreement with a product that charged all accounts a monthly fee. When I noticed, I cancelled, but they woudn’t give back my money. I never agreed to the service. They did this to all account holders without asking.
In my opinion they stole my money. The credit union can contact me at oneuglydrone@gmail.com if they would like to correct their error.

This bank is slowly going under…
Written: Feb 25 ’10
Cons:Closing locations, horrible and impersonal customer service, can’t make decisions based on common sense.
The Bottom Line: Avoid this bank! They have some friendly tellers, but they do not have your best interests at heart.
After over 20 years of membership, I am giving up on the credit union I’ve loved. Although I enjoyed my local tellers, the bank seems to be going out of its way to drive me out.

First, they’ve closed all locations withing 15 miles of my home.

Second, inspite of no late payments and regularly paying the balance off in full monthly they raised the rate on my Visa card from 8% to over 15%

Third, they ran my credit and decided to lower my available balance by 20%, even though there is only one bad mark on the report, a byproduct of a dispute I filed on a credit account where the service was billed but the problem not fixed by an automotive company. The dispute is still in process, but the credit union will not listen.

When I called to discuss this, the representatives (I talked to two, including a supervisor) both stated there was nothing that could be done. I asked if they were willing to lose a 20 year customer over a $200 reduction in avialable balance, and they said “We’re sorry to see you go.” I asked for any reason to stay, and they used that phone call as an example, stating that at a larger bank I would not get as good of service. I asked for what service, all they told me was that they were powerless and did not care to find a way or reason to keep me as a customer!

I moved my business checking to a diffrent bank 18 months ago. When I signed up, the branch manager wrote his cell phone number on a business card, and said call me 24/7 if you need any help. I’ve used that offer twice after hours, and he was good on his word. It seems Arizona Federal has lost what it means to look after it’s members.

I suspect they are slowly failing, as they are putting the screws to good, loyal, direct depositing customers like me. It pains me, but listen and AVOID THIS CREDIT UNION! There are other Credit Unions, or even a bank, but this outfit is following the Titanic down to the depths of the sea.


Jennifer M.
Tempe, AZ
I’ve been a member for over a year. I made up my mind to quit … once and for all after they turned around and announced ANOTHER fee for ME (customer). All the while, top management there was making annual salaries that I’ll never see in a lifetime.
Go with ANY credit union… as long as you leave greedy corporate banks who don’t care about you.

2-28-09 by Rock
Unauthorized charges

I have been a arizona federal customer for nearly 3 years. It is truly sad that the quality of service has greatly deteriorated to the level of thieves! I had a transaction to Red Lobster for a small amount and my available account balance decreased to $15.00. WITHIN the very same day, my account was charged -$30.00 dollars for no apparent reason! Putting me negative -15.00

I could not possibly express how frustrating it was to battle with the endless bulls**t their CS agents are trained to say. Their managers tried justifying the overdraft fee by stating the tip amount was posted 3 days later and authorization takes up to 2 days on average… The funny thing is, my account clearly states that the money was deducted within the same day and there was no hold .

I ventured to their branch located in downtown phoenix area. I walked directly in and spoke to a bitch of a manager that had an ego and arrogance that was almost repulsive. He rambled on about how merchant card services authorize stochastically and can sometimes cause confusion. I told him I do not trust your web-based account manager in that case cause clearly (if you know simple arithmetic) you can see the deductions compared against the current account balance don’t logistically make sense for charging overdraft fees!

I had then told him to close the account and forget about every getting that money your institutation/bank had stolen from me. Just so everyone knows, they have no courtesy on overdraft fees and due to the state of the economy, they are cashing in on people using their scam of a technique of lying and saying there is some authorizing delay in the system to justify stealing your money.

If you are a current customer of Arizona Federal, I would highly recommend reconsidering were you put your money!

I just moved here to Phoenix from Southern California and had a credit union back in California so I decided to join a credit union out here. I joined Arizona Federal and opened a savings & checking account. They told me my debit card would arrive within 7 business days. After 3 weeks of not recieving it, I called my bank & come to find out my check card was never ordered. They told me it would be priority ordered & should arrive at the branch in 2 days. Nothing was recieved. I check the next day & nothing recieved. After the 3rd day it still hadn’t arrived. According to the rep, it was never ordered priority & ordered standard delivery. I decided to close my account and go to Deer Valley Credit Union which provides 100 times better service. You should expect a bank who made a mistake to step up & provide better service. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH JOINING! DOESNT EVEN DESERVE 1 STAR!

This location is a waste of time. The tellers were very rude, like its my fault their a teller. It takes so long to get some service their, dont even think about going on fri. or sat.

Chris Moller
After paying on an auto through Arizona Federal loan for several years I called them to pay off the loan and pick up my title. I was on hold for 18 minutes listening to their advertisements. When I finally talked to a representative she explained to me I could pay off my loan but they would not give me my title for three weeks. She actually said the title was in California and they needed at least 10 days to process my request.

M Simpson
If you see my distribution, I do not like to give bad reviews. Assume when you speak with someone that they are giving you wrong information, not factual information or are flat out unwilling to help find out factual information. Write down who you spoke with the date and time on every transaction. I have been a customer for over 20 year with this bank. After a refinance and a pay off on a second mortgage I spoke with a customer service representative that said our line of credit was not closed, only paid off. I asked are you sure? She said yes. This was good news. I transferred money into my personal account separate from my husbands account (we have separate accounts) he is the one who signed the pay off with Chase and gave permission to pay off Arizona Federal. I did not sign that paperwork. After thinking I was still able to use my line of credit, I paid off all outstanding credit cards and other property taxes. I drew $6000 on a $70000 line of credit. Without permission and or notification they took all funds from both my saving and checking leaving me with a -3 balance. They did say they were sorry. Sorry does not pay my mortgage payment. Bottom line they were not authorized by me, to take funds from my an account, on a line of credit that they failed to close and freeze, that I was told was still open. You do not expect your bank to steal from you. At the very least I should have been informed of their error, before they left me with a negative 3 dollar balance. I have an 820 credit score, have had two auto loans, two lines of credit and never have been late even one day. They simply do not care.

Dave J
Second time this week I have had to wait for the staff at Gateway to show up. First time was at the drive up window at 9:30am no one there. So I went inside to make a deposit. Today I was inside the Gateway branch and after waiting for 4 or 5 minutes for the receptionist to show up at the desk she told me to wait to re-program the pin on my debit card while she waited on others. I have been a member since 1994. In 2013 I won’t be a member. It’s my money and I expect to be served by employees that show up. Even if the branch manager has to step in and fill a position for a moment or two it is what I expect. And I will get it, just not at AZFCU.

Chris Lang
WORST BANK IN THE WORLD – Want to be treated like crap by your bank, AZ Federal Credit Union is right place then. My Arizona Federal Credit Union spends more time banging me for a $38 bounce charge if I go one cent over than providing me with service. At this point I would rather bury the money in the back yard than ever walk into Arizona Federal Credit Union ever again. The will even pass a mistaken charge by myself to my account just so they can pocket the overdraft fee. A rating of ZERO is too high for this greedy little bank.

We have been a customer of Arizona Federal Credit Union for over 10 years and had at least two auto loans with them. I’ve made payments on time and generally not had a problem with them until now. I usually am on top of reviewing my bank statements for unexpected fees, but this time I didn’t catch it immediately because it was on a checking account I don’t typically use. I found AFCU had been deducting a fee for an identify theft protection product that they had added onto my account without my authorization. When I called them about it they told me hey had sent mail notification about it being added onto the account and it was up to me to Opt-out by responding to their letter. I should have been diligent about reading their mail correspondence to me, but with all the “spam” from them and other banks that didn’t happen. My expectations were that AFCU would only add on a product to my account if I asked for it, not when they per chance decide I need a product. They told me they would only credit back one month of the fee and not anything prior to that. I sent them a polite follow up email to see if they would make it right and reconsider. The total credit would have been approximately $20 which is quite minimal compared to all the interest I we have paid them in the past and are still paying them with our newest car loan. At this point it isn’t as much the amount that is as important to me, but that they would consider that since I didn’t ask for the product in the first place that they would refund all the charges. They did not change their response to me. I must say that I am disappointed that they did not find any value in us being good customers of theirs. My future loan business will not be with Arizona Federal Credit Union.

Lousy customer service! Today I had to contact the bankruptcy department to get a payoff on a 2nd mortgage on our home. The customer no service representative was no help, so I was transferred to “Trevor”. He was rude, abusive and obnoxious. I couldn’t believe I was speaking to a bank representative! When I attempted to question the interest charges on the loan, Trevor started screaming and shouting at me. Absolutely horrible. It appears AZ Federal hides there employees from the public, so obviously they can treat a customer any way they choose. I also did not appreciate the vocabulary Trevor used either!! Stay away from AZ Federal! They pretend to like there customers when in reality they hate you!

Wish I could give them less than one star. They are the worst in customer service. I have been with them for over 20 years and I am not staying with them anymore. I guess its my fault for putting up with it. I have had enough. I hope this keeps some people from signing up with them.

They will steal your money. They lost eight of my vehicle payments that my wife made at their bank. The hired a lawyer who I provided my bank statements showing proof of payment. They refused to accept my bank statements as proof of payment since they didn’t show what their teller did with my money. This has been an ongoing ordeal for two years. AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS!!! They steal from their customers. One star is too many.

No customer service at all, hardly any locations left and charges fees to do anything over the phone. I would trust my money with a honey badger before them.

This location is the WORST!!!!!!! I was there for 30 min to make a deposit and ask a question. Their custamer service sucks. Next time Ill drive to the Tempe branch….and I live in Buckeye so that says alot

23 minutes on hold with customer service. A visit to the branch presents 10 people in line and 2 tellers the day after a major holiday. Steer clear.

OMG!! This has to be the worst bank in the whole freaking world. I am ashamed to even have to give it 1 star because its not even worth that. WORTHLESS. UNHELPFUL, ON HOLD FOREVER…. GO TO ANY-OTHER BANK OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst experience ever! Avoid their Balance ‘program’ like the plague…it’s what they aren’t telling you that is the worst! Like dinging your credit for the difference of what you owed and the amount THEY agreed to with THEIR program for SIX months!!!!!

Worst place I have ever been to. They stole my money and overdrafted my account 5 times because of a computer malfunction and made me pay. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THEM

Terrible- for 35 years a customer and I am closing all accounts – …


About Arizona Federal Credit Union Members United

Arizona Federal Credit Union Members United is a group of over 100 members and former members who care about our credit union being run fairly. The leadership of the credit union has failed to represent us properly by enacting a new and unnecessary, unavoidable, unconscionable, $3 monthly membership fee that we did not want. The members did not ask for this. Before implementing such a counter-productive fee, the proposal should have been put up for a vote to all the members to decide, so the will of the people is followed. The member-owners of Arizona FCU should not be taxed $3 monthly, simply for being a member. We want all the $3 monthly member fees refunded to all current and past members, the elimination of the fee going forward, and the elimination of the $25 rejoining fee. We are against any financial institution charging an unavoidable ongoing membership fee, simply for being a member. This is the wrong approach. Members and customers should be valued, not punished. We want to see Arizona FCU succeed, not fail. Imposing unfair policies that are detrimental to the long-run success of the credit union and detrimental to society should be abolished.
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